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When a possible outbreak leads to the quarantine of an urban shopping mall, its inhabitants quickly divide themselves into two opposing camps.

One on the first level. One on the second.

As each group scrambles to gather resources to ensure its own safety and comfort, seven-year-old Jasmine — a mixed-race girl — finds herself trapped in an unfamiliar place in every sense of the word, searching for allies in a conflict she doesn’t fully understand. With her mother injured and without a safe haven to call her own, Jasmine is forced to navigate the two levels alone until outside help arrives.

The Two Levels tells the story of an ordinary girl demonstrating extraordinary courage in the face of nearly impossible odds. Touching on issues such as police overreach, the Ebola crisis, the complexities of identity, the consequences of privilege, and more, The Two Levels is a taut thriller with a moving human component, a richly-layered tale of the often solitary struggle to carve out a place in the world.