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"If it were possible, I would gather the race in my arms and fly away with them."

- Ida B. Wells

With her father gone and her newfound abilities barely under control, twelve-year-old Tallah lives alone on the streets, stealing food from shopping carts, fending off predators, and trying to steer clear of the law.  Torn between using her powers to lash out at the world, to seize control of her situation, or to make herself disappear, Tallah is lost, adrift without a guide—until she meets someone, another girl about her age, also homeless.  Her name is Harmony.

Together, Tallah and Harmony carve out a simple life in an encampment next to a river that runs through the heart of the city.  Over time, Tallah grows to trust Harmony—enough to reveal the secret of her abilities.  But as the pair grows closer, Harmony’s darker motivations become clear, culminating in an act of betrayal that leads Tallah to abandon her former friend and turn her back on humanity—including her own.  Consumed by rage, Tallah embarks on an odyssey of destruction, unleashing the full force of her volatile powers.  Soon she finds herself on a collision course with the authorities, and her only hope for redemption lies in the promise of a new town, a new civilization—a utopia she can create on her own—but before she can build her future, she needs to reckon with the ghosts of her past…