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"Miller’s skillful economy of language and penchant for playing the cards close to the vest — or chest plate — works to his advantage as the tale picks up momentum/mayhem and puts an intriguing, nonstereotyped lead character through pitfalls and deadly perils of parahumanity. Ghost in the Shell fans will have a blast."

- Kirkus Reviews


After suffering a traumatic event that lands her in the hospital, Anomié makes a decision:

She is finished with the human race.

At the urging of a stranger, Anomié volunteers for a series of surgical procedures to replace most of her natural, organic body with powered prosthetics — transforming her into something decidedly different, a human-machine hybrid — in the hopes of joining the Frend Program, an unusual matchmaking service that provides hybrid companions for a group of software-based beings known as the Lumen.

As Anomié delves deeper into her new life as a Frend, she encounters a group of humans dedicated to destroying the Lumen, and when the group’s charismatic leader recruits her to join their cause, Anomié finds herself caught between worlds, embroiled in a conflict between two opposing forces, as she struggles to unravel a mystery that cuts to the heart of her identity, her nature, and the true extent of her capabilities.

At once thrilling and moving, thoughtful and quirky, Frend is a story of transformation, the unceasing drive to belong, and the struggle to liberate oneself from oppression, both internal and external.  Frend explores themes such as forgiveness, race relations, survivor’s guilt, recovery from trauma, and what it means to count oneself as a member of humanity.