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"A truly layered piece of fiction"

- ABC's news magazine program, "CityLine"


Permanently injured while defending his daughter from abductors in Mogadishu, Ambojeem makes the decision to settle in the relative calm of Minnesota. As a biracial Somali man, he has spent decades adrift, running from Western nation to Western nation in search of some semblance of belonging. In the Twin Cities he believes he has found a proper home.

To make ends meet, Ambo scrapes out a living as a delivery driver, transporting an array of items both legal and otherwise. During one seemingly simple assignment, he makes a devastating discovery that sends him spiraling down a twisted path that changes his life immeasurably, plunging him into a dark world where black market surgeries, kidnappings, and murder are the norm. On the way, he meets a little girl whose father has made plans for one of her vital organs, and Ambo must find a way to help the child while ensuring that he doesn't fall victim to the father's crazed ambitions himself.

Dealing with issues as diverse as immigration, autonomy, ethnic identity, the consequences of vengeance, and more, Delivery is a thought-provoking, moving, and thrilling journey from beginning to end.